Slat Fencing & Gates

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Custom Slat
Fencing & Gates

Slat Fencing has become a popular alternative to garden fencing for front yard boundary fences and as an affordable options for custom panels between brick work or pillars. 

The use of a powder coated aluminium product means less maintenance and a quality fencing system that will last for years. 

The system we utilises enables custom panels of any size to be built on site. The system enables an affordable option for custom panels.

Aluminium powder coated slats will repel rust and will not bow or warp

With the many available custom colours you can match roofing or opt for a feature colour

The system we utilise allows for ease of repairs in the event that one slat becomes damaged it is not a matter of replacing the whole panel we can simply swap out that one slat. 

sliding aluminium gate
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