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How to go about notifying common boundary neighbours is one thing we are often asked and it can be as easy as knocking on the door and having a conversation if the homeowners live there, even a chat over the fence. If you have a rental property as a neighbouring property then you will need to be able to locate the owners often you can do this through the real estate who manage the property. You can also locate property owners through your local council.

Informative information is available on the Law Access NSW Page, it has sample documents that you can send to your neighbours to agree to works which need to be completed. It is often a great idea to start gathering quotes so you can provide an estimate of the costs. Generally speaking, a fence is divided 50/50 between neighbours, however, this may change if there are certain mitigating factors such as damage caused by one side or extras wanted by one neighbour, not both. For more information, the legislation for the Dividing Fences Act can be located here.

It is also worth noting that if you arrange and accept a quote for fencing works it is your responsibility to ensure the quote is paid for in full. If pre-arranged and details provided in writing from the other parties involved we will provide separate invoices, otherwise, as a general rule, the invoice will be sent to you for payment in full upon which you are reimbursed by the neighbour.

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